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CD's C - D
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9,95 EUR 

Caught In A Trap - Goodnight New York CD

Pre-Order Now!
Shipment on or before December 1st 2015

12 hardhitting tracks, Intense Lyrics, Catchy Riffs, Powerful Music, filled with “piss and vinegar” in response to the current political, economic and gentrification of their hometown of NYC, CAUGHT IN A TRAP recorded “Goodnight New York”.

9,95 EUR 

Clenched Fist - Welcome To Memphis CD
These Hardcore stalwarts from Memphis, Tennessee have produced an album full of purpose that is hard and uncompromising in its delivery. Prepare to feel the full force of Clenched Fist as they get ready to unleash their own brand of violent pain on the world.

14,95 EUR 

Crawlspace vs Full Court Press - The Art Of Warfare MCD

"The Art Of Warfare" brings you two of Belgium's most respected and hard working bands in the way of Crawlspace and Full Court Press who play differing styles of Hardcore but still keep it heavy and hard.

9,95 EUR 

Crushing Caspars - The Fire Still Burns CD
"The Fire Still Burns" is 15 energetic, high octane Hardcore/Punk songs that will ignite swarming seas of sweaty stage diving slam dancing punks..

7,95 EUR 

Danny Diablo / The Vendetta - When Worlds Collide - CD

3,95 EUR 

Daredevil - tippin' the scales of justice
Debut full length from this Dutch band whose sound can be described as brutal and metallic, but still keeping it very Hardcore. Blending heavy old school fast parts, crunching riffs and breakdowns a plenty Daredevil produce songs of sheer terror for maximum dance floor participation. Feat.: founding member from Wisdom in Chains.

9,95 EUR 

Dead Man's Chest - Negative Mental Attitude CD
SxE Hardcore out of London. Featuring guestvocals by Knuckledust, Integrity, Winds Of Plague, xTyrantx & Hometown Hate.

9,95 EUR 

Dead Reprise - day of defiance CD
"Day Of Defiance" is music to murder your dying pets to. Aggression and simplicity are key and Dead Reprise have created a thoroughly violent masterpiece.

3,95 EUR 

Dead Serious - it's what you can't see... CD

Raw, Furious, Abrasive and Pissed are what Dead Serious are about and they accomplish the task of delivering the full impact of such emotions with their lyrically venomous, musically lethal assault of Hardcore Punk. Experience "It's What You Can't See" and discover resistance.

3,95 EUR 

Deathskulls - The Real Deal II CD
Fresh new tracks and lineup, oi hardcore & punk, something for everyone!

4,99 EUR 

Devil In Me - The End - CD GSR074

ALBUM OF THE WEEK (week 4 2017)

"The End" is the new album from Devil In Me and is anthem after anthem filled with their trademark uplifting melody mixed with their upbeat, postive energy and is built for sing-alongs, pile-ons and stages dives.

For Fans Of : Comeback Kid, Sick Of It All, Misfits, Pennywise.

3,95 EUR 

Diehard Youth - Without The Kids We Would Be Dead
Musically, mixing hard driving riffs, melodic breaks, catchy singalongs and stomping mosh sections, this Californian quintet bring back the spirit of youth crew Hardcore like no other.

Show 1 to 12 (of in total 12 products) Sites:  1 
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