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Madball - Hardcore Lives - CD

Product No.: 71488
Shipping time: 3-4 Days
Price: 12,95 EUR

It is no coincidence that many of the qualities universally agreed upon when it comes to HC, happen to be the very same traits possessed by MADBALL. Present day MB carries with it the same rage and rebellion that it always has, but there’s something to be said about remaining relevant, when many bands of the same semi-advanced age have been relegated to dinosaur status. The blood, the honor and the truth lives on through the band to this day, and MADBALL dares to embrace the responsibility of carrying on tradition - the rich NYHC tradition that is understood by few, and imitated by many. MB is one of the few bands representing this thing called Hardcore with enough triumphs, tests and overall experience under its belt, to be qualified leaders. They let you know with tremendous pride that eventually, people grow up, but that doesn’t mean you should ever abandon the fundamentals of the movement. See your way into it honestly, productively and respectfully, and you might find yourself as a welcome member of the greatest extended family in music.
(Text from Nuclear Blast)

1 Intro
2 Hardcore Lives
3 The Balance
4 Doc Marten Stomp
6 True School feat. Scott Vogel / TERROR
7 The Here And Now
8 Nothing To Me
9 My Armor feat. Toby Morse / H20
10 Beacon Of Light
11 Born Strong feat. Candace Puopolo / WALLS OF JERICHO
12 Spirit
13 Mi Palabra
15 For The Judged

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