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Gewapend Beton - Big Dumb Kids CD

Product No.: 79056
Shipping time: 3-4 Days
Price: 2,99 EUR

It''''s been 8 years since Gewapend Beton began their journey down the path of playing aggressive punk rock with an early 80''''s UK influence. Now in 2011, this 4 piece is barely into their 20''''s and it''''s time for them to unleash their latest album "Big Dumb Kids", an album title that still embodies the spirit of when they first formed and fell in love with the music they were passionate about enough to emulate and yet has the maturity of a band that has been writing, touring and playing for the past 8 years. "Big Dumb Kids" is an anthemic album that is full of raw dirty Punk songs with hook after hook, yet an edge that doesn''''t betray their influences of the early 80''''s UK and US Punk and Hardcore scenes. With a sound that doesn''''t trap itself within just one genre, Gewapend Beton will surely find fans in every crevis of every corner that feel the urge to shout along with their lyrics of revolt and good times. The sound is electric and full of energy and if you close your eyes for a second it feels like you''''re at a show and you can almost feel the bodies slam dancing into you and the heat of a packed room dripping with sweat from the primal feel of the pulsating aggression that is eminating from the speakers. "Big Dumb Kids" is relentless in it''''s attack and will have you hitting the repeat button time and time again and is Gewapend Beton''''s modern day homage to their early punk and hardcore roots that explodes with intensity.


For Fans Of  – GBH, Motörhead, Exploited, Discharge, Cro-Mags, Poison Idea


01. Big Dumb Kids
02. Killing Nights
03. An Idiot’s Pride
04. World by Storm
05. King of Kings
06. Thanks for Nothing
07. Gotta Run
08. The way is paved
09. Milfwhore
10. No Man Can Serve Two Masters

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