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Apocalypse Now - Confrontation With God CD

Product No.:
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Price: 3,95 EUR

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Paris France, a city renowned for it's history, culture, wonderful architecture, the Eifel tower, the Moulin Rouge and many more things, but now it will be known for something new, namely 5 guys that go under the collective name of Apocalypse Now. With their debut album, this French 5 piece deliver what many bands have been trying to do for quite some time now which is blending influences of Thrash Metal and Hardcore into one cohesive sound that doesn't sound forced and yet invites something new and fresh in the sound at the same time. Confrontation Of God is a venomous, explosive 40 minutes of brutality that gives you 10 tracks of Metal infused Hardcore that promises to destroy everything in it's way, whether it be with the thrash like fast parts or devastatingly heavy breakdowns that are accompanied by drums that sound like an atom bomb being dropped. Confrontation of God is also something unique lyrically, as the concept is based on Bible passages and therefore truly is a Confrontation With God as Apocalypse Now bring something new to a world that seems content with not only rehashing the same old subjects, but presenting them in the same way each time. Apocalypse Now will be a name to watch during 2006 and the band will be hitting the road running to promote "Confrontation With God". This time the stories are true, the Apocalypse has arrived. Are you ready to face your maker?



01. In This World
02. Blood And Fire
03. From The Sky
04. Extinction
05. Dreams Can Come True
06. The Last Breath
07. Confrontation With God
08. Mercenary
09. Gift Of God
10. When The Snake Bites

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