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All For Nothing - What Lies Within Us - S - CD & Shirt bundle

Product No.:
Shipping time: 3-4 Days
Price: 22,95 EUR

OUT now! Brandnew Album!

This package holds:
* "What Lies Within Us" ltd Digipack cd
* T Shirt "What Lies Within Us" (available in Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large and Extra Extra Large)
* Poster "What Lies Within Us"
* All For Nothing sticker
* various GSR stickers

With 12 brand new hard-hitting anthems "What Lies Within Us" galvanizes every mob in front of any stage to mosh, stagedive and share every word.

Track list:
01. Prologue
02. Luctor et Emergo
03. Burn The Lies
04. Five Leaf Clover
05. Beyond Everything
06. Last Bit Of Hope
07. Black Damp
08. Poison To My Soul
09. What Lies Within Us
10. Nothing Left To Fear
11. Hold Fast
12. Under A Different Sun

All For Nothing's "What Lies Within Us" is the culmination of a decade of never ceasing passion for a fast, furious and melodic mix of Hardcore, Punk Rock and Metal. Each song is an unrelenting blend of groovy melodic riffs, crushing breakdowns and sing-a-long choruses. With every single song, new boundaries are smashed and different horizons explored. With 12 brand new hard-hitting anthems "What Lies Within Us" galvanizes every mob in front of any stage to mosh, stagedive and share every word. Ultimately, All For Nothing leave you with an overwhelming craving for more.
The All For Nothing sound is more varied than ever before and the lyrics for "What Lies Within Us" prove how although the band have matured over the years, their message remains steadfast; a critical look at the world, but with a positive approach to make it a better place. "What Lies Within Us" takes the band to the next level in their never-ending endeavor to conquer more stages and captivate more audiences.

On the road since the mid 00's, ALL FOR NOTHING have become a landmark in today's HC scene. Refusing to follow any fleeting trends and hypes, ALL FOR NOTHING do what they do best: fast and grooving melodic hardcore with passionate, relevant lyrics. ALL FOR NOTHING's trademark honest, to-the-point songs vent their views and frustrations on personal and global issues. After the successful albums "Miles & Memories" (2009) and "To Live And Die For" (2012), which brought them numerous headline and support shows across European and Asian venues and festivals, ALL FOR NOTHING are set with "What Lies Within Us" for the next level and ready to take their music around the world in the years to come.
As always, with their heart on their sleeves, their energetic sound is rife with sing-along choruses and anthems galore that also ooze a positive vibe that will no doubt induce circle-pits and stage dives everywhere they hit the stage. Smashing HC boundaries and exploring new territory, All for Nothing are a European force to be reckoned with.

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